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by Joan Cole

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The Artist - Joan Cole


Chicago born and educated, my love and passion for art began at a very early age.

Illustration, calligraphy, graphic design, product designing of wall decor and fine art painting, are all the professions where I have been employed throughout the years.

The fine art prints I have made for Home Interiors Inc. And Gango Editions Publishers can be found in many homes, offices, and hotels across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Welcome to my Gallery of Classical Icons

Icons have been  an expression of the Christian faith that began right after Jesus Christ walked the Earth, first of which was painted by St. Luke.

The first known icon was mentioned in a 5th century text; the first icon is mentioned to be a circular image of the head of the Virgin Mary, and it is also mentioned that the painting was attributed to the Apostle Luke.

The timeless beauty of the icons painted by artist Joan Cole is presented in the online Galleries, where you can choose from a great variety of icons, in many different styles and sizes.

There are 6 galleries of icons by category; please click on the buttons at the top to see the icons with prices and all the product details.

In the year 2007, I went on a pilgrimage to Israel and the Holy Land. In 2008 I took and icon workshop where icon painting techniques and the applying of gold leaf were taught.

From then on my life took a complete turnaround. The focus of my art is now predominantly religious and sacred subjects.

I thank God every day for the grace He has given me to paint these Holy and Sacred images, and for the joy of sending these icons of Jesus, Mary, His angels and Saints around the world.

The site contains 6 different galleries of icons, as shown by the icons below. In order to access a specific gallery, please click on the button in the navigation bar at the top, or click on the specific icon below.





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To purchase prints of the original painted icons mounted on wooden plaques, please visit my online store here: